Friday, May 20, 2011

Half Blind Horse (Play Time 2) Pics 1 of 2

I stood at the gate and made a sound like an apple.

Not really.
It was more like a carrot ;).

I really didn't feed them, but they must be used to visitors with yummies in hand, because it didn't take much to get them to come over and check me out. Can you see this guy's off side (right) eye yet?
Well, I guess you'll never see it, really, because it's not there. I, however morbid it might be, was fascinated by his eye socket. 
Although I told them I had no food, they refused to be deterred and continued to ask. It took a little while, but they finally went about their business and I was able to snap a few shots with a clear view of the eye socket.
In the next couple of pictures, I'm not sure what these 2 are disagreeing about (see the ears laid back?), but it gave me a good view, so I didn't ask: 
In addition to the laid-back ears, I think there is somewhat of an indignant look going on here.
Perhaps I'm reading too much into it.
Perhaps not. 

Bingo! Perfect View: 

(....Still following my 5 pic max rule...
One more 1/2 blind horse post coming up...)

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